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T. Craig Isaacs, M.Div., Ph.D.

Director, Threat Management Service

Dr. Isaacs is a  certified Personal Protection Specialist (PPS); licensed Clinical Psychologist; licensed Marriage, Family Therapist; ordained Anglican priest; and the author of Wolves Among The Sheep: Protecting Your Church From Violence (2011) and The Wolves Among The Sheep Workbook: A Guide to Creating a Violence Protection Plan and Training Your Security Team(2013).


He has completed professional protection training at the Executive Protection Institute, is a Nine Lives Associates member, and has received additional training in threat assessment and management at the Gavin de Becker Advanced Threat Assessment and Management Academy.  


Dr. Isaacs  is an experienced evaluator performing assessments for child protective services and custody evaluations for high-conflict divorces. 


He has taught seminary classes in pastoral care and in recognizing and dealing with evil, including dealing with cults and ritual abuse. 


He has been an expert witness for murder and rape cases involving cultic or spiritual issues, and also maintains a private practice in psychotherapy.


In addition to directing MCG Security's Threat Management Services, Dr. Isaacs continues to perform psychotherapy as well as leading St. David's Anglican Church in Marin County, California.  He is also author of In Bondage to Evil: A Psycho-Spiritual Understanding of Possession (2018); John's Apocalypse: A Study in Dream Interpretation (2016); A Seeker's Guide to Psychotherapy and Spiritual Formation (2016); and Revelations and Possession:  Distinguishing Psychological From Spiritual Experiences (2009).  For more about these books, or Dr. Isaacs' psychotherapy practice, visit

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