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The true secret of protection is to avoid the danger.  We are available to assist in the appraisal of the physical security of your property; evaluating the safety of mission trips and youth outings; developing a Violence Protection Plan; guidance in navigating the complexity of employee terminations; congregational conflicts;  concerns with difficult individuals within your congregation; and other concerns.



We offer various training formats designed to take your group through the process of preparing your Violence Protection Plan, and developing your Safety and Security Team.  By the end of the training, members will be convinced of the real need and theological basis to be fully prepared to safeguard your church from violence. Trainings may occcur over an evening, day, or multiple days to meet your individual needs.



Many organizations provide good tactical training in security, but most come solely from a law enforcement or military background,  tending to emphasize the methods learned there. 


This may work well for government agencies and large corporations.  Churches, however, must maintain a truly open, welcoming, and loving environment.


To do so while still providing the best in protection from violence is a balance that we strive to attain.  With professional training and experience in parish ministry as well as in the fields of threat assessment, protection, and law enforcement, we are particularly suited to provide this needed balance.



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Scott D. Mitchell, M.A., CFI, CFEI
President, Mitchell Consulting Group
Director, Fire & Explosion Investigations 

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Tel: (530) 529-9484

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T. Craig Isaacs, M.Div., Ph.D, PPS
Director, Threat Management Service
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Tel: 415-378-6825




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